Designs trends come and go. Timeless means forever or it won’t go out of fashion. It will let your home look tasteful, stylish for longer period. Everybody want latest trends and there is no harm in it but that would mean changing your interior every few months. This will include your precious time and as well as your money. So we suggest that its better if you think of timeless interiors. To help you get started, we help to create a timeless design theme for your home or commercial interior.

1. Think Your Design Objective?

Think carefully about what you want to achieve. Consider your budget and then hire best interior designers in faridabad, Delhi. Research ideas and start collecting fabric samples, design ideas, and prices for materials. Creating a timeless theme is not a weekend project.

2. Soothing Colours

Bold, bright colours are trendy, but they invariably go out of fashion. Burnt orange, brown and purple looked great earlier, but would you really want that colour scheme in your home now? Stick to neutral colours. They are classy and timeless. If you feel the need to add colour, then the best way is to add accessories and small accent pieces.

3. Choosing Materials

Natural materials such as oak, granite, stone, wool, and silk are timeless and classy. Whilst plastic and steel come and go in the interior design world, natural materials are inherently enduring, beautiful, and above all, functional.

4. Create Luxury

Timeless is often synonymous with luxury, the aim is to create a sense of elegant sophistication whilst remaining practical and functional. To achieve this, use quality materials and luxurious accessories with a classic feel. This type of look will never go out of fashion.

5. Amalgamation

The easiest way to design a theme that won’t date is to amalgamate different elements. You can think of mix items of furniture, clever modern storage solutions, art pieces, accessories and a few carefully chosen accent pieces. Think and club one element with other.

6. Gather attention

Use a stunning piece of art or a carefully selected item of vintage furniture to create a focal point for the room. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a reflection of your personality, as this will serve to create a timeless look.

7. Declutter the Space

This is an important part for interiors. Remove anything that ties your decor down to a specific period in time and replace it with neutral pieces, classic books, and original art. Creating clutter is a big NO for interiors.

8. Antique Charm

Modern furniture and collectibles come in and out of fashion within a few years. Use some vintage and antique pieces for timeless look. This will not only enhance but give you a different look from routine.

9. Timeless Pieces

Consider investing in a few designer items. Signature pieces of furniture are expensive, but they never go out of fashion. Use them and create a signature look.

10. Use Space Wisely

Contemporary or Indian: the important thing is to work with your space wisely, but try to avoid sticking to one period or you will lose the sense of timelessness. Try and enhance its aesthetic appeal and you may fall in love with that.

Timeless is not always easy to achieve, so be careful and go for the best interior designing firm in faridabad, Delhi so that you don’t have to go for renovations for a long time.